In Our Community

Kindness Give-Aways

We love to go out and show the community God’s Kindness! Ever received a gift  just because someone loved you? Well, God loves you too! And these small acts of kindness are just a simple way of saying God loves you.

So keep your eye out! Someone may just give you a pack of seeds in the Spring, a bottle of water, some fresh fruit at your door, or many other simple ways we like to say God Loves You!



Grab & Go Bags

Know someone who is struggling to make ends meet? Or maybe it’s you but you’re not ready to talk about it. Just grab a bag of groceries and Go!  We have family size and individual size. You can pick them up in the lobby at the Info Table.



Compassion Projects

Another way we show God’s love is by showing compassion to the sick and sorrowful. Sometimes people need a helping hand to get back on track or to find their way to God. That’s where we come in. This picture is from a project we did to help house a family and clear their land after their home burnt down.

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